Reservations will need to made no later than during the day prior to the day you wish to park at the Adelaide Showground. Refunds will not be made for cancellation or inability by you to use the parking. Overstays will attract additional charges in accordance with the signs at the car park entry. You will need to use the credit card used to make the booking to enter and exit the car park. An alternative credit card will not be recognised and will be charged upon exit. You are only entitled to enter and exit the car park once per booking period. When using the Car Park you must comply with the Conditions of Entry which are attached to these Terms. By entering a Car Park to fulfil your Booking, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the Conditions of Entry which apply in addition to these Terms. We may vary these Terms and/or the Conditions of Entry at any time by posting an updated version to our website, Changes in Terms will not affect any Bookings made before the update is posted; however, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with the latest version of these Terms at the time you make a Booking. Bookings are only valid when you receive a Booking Confirmation via email or on the Website We recommend you retain your Booking Confirmation. The online parking system is only available for cars, motorcycles, light utilities and light vans and no vehicle longer than 5.0 metres. We cannot accept bookings specifically for disabled spaces. Our Car Parks include ample accessible spaces for use by mobility card holders. You may amend your Booking, for any reason, at any time, up to the day prior to the Booking Period. If you have an online booking account, you may cancel or amend your booking yourself by logging in to your account and selecting the relevant options. The Parking Charge includes GST You can pay for your Booking by using any of the followng credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Credit cards are the only form of payment we are able to accept. When you provide your credit card details and complete your Booking, you are authorising us to charge your credit card with the amount of the Parking Charge. If the credit card payment used for your Booking fails then your Booking will not be processed and will not be valid for use. You must use the same credit card you used to make your booking for entry and exit at the Car Park. When you arrive at the Car Park, you will need to use the same credit card that you used to pay for your Booking, or the credit card you nominated at the time of completing your Booking. You must do exactly the same when you leave the Car Park. If the credit card is lost, stolen or cancelled after making the booking but before use of the Car Park, contact Under no circumstances are we liable to you for any lost profits, lost opportunity, loss of reputation or any indirect or consequential loss or any part of any cost, expense, loss or damage suffered by you except to the extent we have been negligent or we have otherwise breached our statutory obligations to you. To the extent the law permits, we will not be liable to you for theft of your Vehicle or any property from your Vehicle or damage to your Vehicle by other users of the Car Park, including through a collision between Vehicles. You are liable to us for any cost, expense, loss or damage suffered by us in connection with any death or personal injury of any person or any damage to any real and personal property directly or indirectly caused or contributed to by: (a) the unsafe or illegal operation of a Vehicle; (b) non-compliance with these Conditions of Entry; (c) negligence or misconduct; or (d) any wilful, intentional or malicious act, by You or any person authorised by You to operate your Vehicle while in the Car Park except to the extent that any negligent act or omission by us contributed to the cost, expense, loss or damage. You indemnify us for any cost, expense, loss or damage suffered by us in connection with any death or personal injury of any person or any damage to any real and personal property directly or indirectly caused or contributed to by You or the person authorised by You that is in charge of your Vehicle in the Car Park. When you make a Booking, you provide personal information to us which we use to process your booking, identify you when you enter and exit the Car Park and otherwise manage our car parking services. We also carry out planning and marketing activities using the personal information you provide which may include targeted online advertising, data and audience matching, analytics, research and, if you have agreed to receive communications, direct marketing. For more detail about how we use and share personal information and about our marketing practices, please refer to our Privacy Policy. By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to the use and disclosure of your personal information for these purposes. All personal information you provide to us is dealt with accordance with our Privacy Policy.   For the purposes of these Terms, "Vehicle" means any vehicle parked (or to be parked) in a Car Park and includes any mechanical device on wheels or tracks, its equipment and accessories. "We, us, our" means Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA Inc., ABN 68 531 710 498. “You, your" means you, the person making a Booking, an agent making a booking for you (if applicable), and (if applicable) any other person who uses a Car Park for the parking of a Vehicle via that Booking. These Terms and any Booking resulting from them are subject to the laws of South Australia. If there is anything you do not agree with or do not understand any of these Terms do not proceed with your Booking. You may contact us at Conditions of Entry 1. You enter and use this car park at your own risk. You are responsible for your vehicle and any property in or on it. If you bring a vehicle into this car park, you agree to pay the parking fees which are displayed at the entrance of this car park and at the automatic pay stations. 2. You may access or remove your vehicle from this car park twenty four (24) hours per day. Before removing your vehicle from the car park, you must pay the parking fees. 3. You agree to: a. Park your vehicle within the limits defined by lines on the surface of the parking area b. Comply with all signs erected in the car park c. Not to cause an obstruction d. Ensure that your vehicle is securely locked and ignition key removed when you leave it. e. Not litter the car park or allow your vehicle to spill or leak oil in it. f. Comply with any directions or instructions given to you by us. g. Produce when requested by us, your parking ticket or proof of payment of the parking fee. If you breach any of these requirements, you must pay liquidated damages of $100 in addition to any other money you owe to us, before you can remove your vehicle from this car park. 4. To the extent allowed by law, we are not liable for you or any person with you for: a. injury to you or anybody else; b. damage to, destruction of, theft of or unauthorised delivery up of your vehicle; c. damage to, destruction of, theft of or delivery up of any property (including anything in or on your vehicle); however caused. 5. You agree to indemnify us in respect of any claim made against us as a consequence of, in relation to, or in any way arising out the use of this car park. 6. These Conditions of Use only exclude us from liability to the extent that they are able to do so under any law which restricts or forbids that exclusion of liability, including the Trade Practices Act and similar State legislation. If any of these Conditions of use is illegal or unenforceable, that part is to be disregarded, and its removal will not affect the rest of the conditions. 7. Lost tickets will attract the maximum car parking fee that is applicable at the time of the ticket being declared as lost. 8. All car park tariffs are quoted inclusive of GST. 9. In these Conditions, references to: a. “we”, “us”, and “our” means Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA Inc., Adelaide Showground, Wayville SA 5034, ABN 68 531 710 498 its employees, agents and independent contractors. b. “you” means the person using, or intending to use this car park; and “your vehicle driven, or intended to be driven, by you into this car park